The Commando Tough 6 hour, is a military inspired event suitable for everyone from the novice to the warrior. 

What is THE 6 Hour “Confident” EVENT ?


Imagine having the confidence and attitude that you can do anything. Imagine knowing your barriers to success, your perceived limitations, your mental blockages. Now imagine knowing how to break through those barriers, leap over those roadblocks and smash through the negativity that’s stopping you from getting exactly what you want.

Whether you are seeking a physical challenge, looking for more mental fortitude or want to discover what it is that is holding you back, the Confident challenge will change you. This is not about physically grinding you into the ground, it's about discovering what you truly want. It's about setting goals and breaking those goals down into manageable steps to achieve your desired outcome. We WILL push you physically and mentally, test your resolve and challenge your toughness, but in doing so enhance your Confidence....FOREVER!

For 6 hours of training

It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.

What are the benefits?

You will be introduced into CT's first 2 mental conditioning processes: Focus & Action Taking. Do you have limiting beliefs? Are you a goal setter? Do you know how to plan and action processes to reach your goals and get you what you want? We will find out. Gain the "Psychology of a Commando", the "I can do anything" attitude, the Winner!

01. Focus

Do you have laser focus? Are you able to zero in and concentrate on a specific task? Can you do this under extreme pressure?

After our Confident event you will.

02. Goal Setting

Do you set outcome goals? Do you break those goals down in to manageable and achievable process goals? Do you celebrate when you reach those goals?

This event will provide you with a clear and defined goal that YOU set. You will have steps in place to actually reach that goal and you will certainly celebrate on completion of this mission.

03. Limiting Beliefs

What are your limiting beliefs? Do you even know them or think you have any? We will find out. We will find out why you're not realising your true potential. Why you're not getting exactly what you want.

Get out of your own way and success will be imminent. 

04. Action Taking

Do you have great ideas? Steps to success and a plan of action? Do you ACTUALLY take the action required?

On completion of this event you will have a clear goal, a step by step process to action and the drive to achieve it!

Will it make you or break you?

what can you expect?

The Confident event is really the beginning of your mental conditioning training. We will find out your limiting beliefs, what's holding you back and whats stopping you reaching your goals.

  • 1 Hour Mindset Training - We will have you set goals, acknowledge the roadblocks you will face, devise a thorough and highly successful plan of action and have you action those plans.
  • 5 - 6 Hours Physical Training - You will endure physical and mental stresses to help you grow. You will realise pain is temporary and tasks that initially seem impossible can be broken down into manageable steps to achieve your mission.

Getting well outside your comfort zone is inevitable during this event. Push through the pain, overcome the adversity and you WILL become a successful action taker.

What people are saying about the Confident Event

"I truly can say, I now walk around with my head held high, a permanent smile inside and out, awaiting the next adventure to tackle, knowing that I am confident. I can now say, I believe in me! I am capable of great things! I will have those great things! I will achieve greater things! 

This is what I have now learnt about myself, completing the 2hr Focus & 6hr Confident Commando Tough Challenges and being trained by the great team at Commando Tough.

To confess, I used to go to a various gyms, played Team sport etc… and thought “I must have given 100%” because I was exhausted, sweating, puffing, in pain (muscles). How wrong was I! I now realise what I thought was 100% was truly 40-60%. I now know that by pushing through the exhaustion, sweating, puffing, and using Mental Toughness, can you not only continue on, but you are stronger, more powerful, more confident knowing that you are now reaching the 100% you once thought was already there. Physical Fitness can only get you so far if your mind keeps telling you its time to stop.

The Commando Tough challenges truly show you how to unlock that Mental Toughness if you are willing to embrace this training.  The 6 hour challenge was the toughest experience I have endured (and will carry those chafe scars with me proudly) but not to have taken this on, I would still be just going on with life and that is not ok with me. I had no goals, but wanted more. I was looking for others to make me happy, but no one truly could. I now realise that only I can make this happen and guess what? I CAN! I conquered those sand dunes, I carried that backpack, I wore that mask and then the 6 hours was completed. My mind was somehow able to switch off the “I’m in pain! this hurts! I cant do this! how much longer! How many burpees did you say???” and focus on the fact that I was given an order/task and just did it! I only noticed the chafe well after I finished.

To achieve what I have in such a short time with the team at Commando Tough, I will admit it is no walk in the park. You have to embrace this training and set small goals to achieve an ultimate long term goal. 

For those that are wanting more out of life, not only for fitness but maybe, work, family etc… I encourage you to take on these Commando Tough Challenges and start to see who the REAL you really is. You wont be disappointed!"

Tanya Reynolds

Gear Required

The following equipment MUST be brought with you to the challenge. A kit inspection will be conducted at the beginning and punishments handed out to those who do not have all the required equipment. Don't be that person!

01.Sturdy Footwear

Runners or military style boots are acceptable, but no minimalist shoes are allowed.

02.Plain white T-shirt

The t-shirt is to be logo and writing free. Singlets are not allowed.


You will be issued with military style pants and you may need a belt to hold them up. Ensure the belt is plain black or brown.


Water carrying device.
Water bottle or hydration system


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