What is 48 hours Resilient?

Commando Tough is military inspired training and events suitable for everyone from the novice to the warrior. 

The absolute pinnacle of Commando Tough events. This is Commando Selection and Training at it’s finest. Candidates will need to learn and adapt to new situations under extreme physical exhaustion and mental stress. We make no excuse and accept none. If you’re not up to the standard you will be removed from the event. No refunds.


For 48 hours RESILIENT

It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.

What are the benefits?

You may just be a Commando in hiding. Another direction in life may have seen you fighting along side us in Afghanistan, ducking bullets, firing off hundreds of rounds of ammunition, employing your 40mm grenade launcher, melting in 55+ degree heat, dying of thirst, freezing in minus temperatures, eating horrible ration packs, climbing up ridiculously steep mountains above 10,000 ft density altitude…. and loving every minute of it!

Break through the pain barrier, get past that quitting point and you will enter into a new realm, one which allows you to conquer any task, complete any mission and realise your true potential. 

01. Focus

You have shown complete and utter focus in the worst of situations. When your body is numb, you find the energy to focus on given tasks, to finish set missions, to re-adjust, adapt and overcome dire circumstances.

You set a goal and find a way to reach it. 

02. Strength

You are completely rounded in all aspects of strength. You're physically strong and conditioned. You're mentally strong and unbreakable. You're emotionally strong and stable.

Pass on this new found strength to others who need it.  

03. Toughness

You are tough. You have shown the required attribute of "Toughness not Fitness", a quality found in all Commandos.

Are you looking to apply for Special Forces? Maybe the career would suit you.

04. Resilience

Our 48hr event is the hardest challenge we offer and you've just completed it. You've shown tremendous resolve and mental fortitude which we admire. You've accepted the challenge to complete an almost impossible task and managed, somehow, to find a way to reach your goal.  

Will it make you or break you?

What can you expect?

Pain, mental aguish, physical exhaustion, hunger, tiredness. A steep and constant personal learning curve. Will you like what you find out about yourself?

Take what you have learned and apply it to all aspects of your life to become exactly the person you want to be. Gain what you want out of life. The only person holding you back, is YOU. Get out of your own way and become the person you've just shown us to be. A focused, strong, tough and resilient individual....a Winner!

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Gear Required

The following equipment MUST be brought with you to the challenge. A kit inspection will be conducted at the beginning and punishments handed out to those who do not have all the required equipment. Don't be that person!

01.Sturdy Footwear

Runners or military style boots are acceptable, but no minimalist shoes are allowed.

02.Plain white T-shirt

The t-shirt is to be logo and writing free. Singlets are not allowed.

03.Overnight bag

Include: sleeping bag, PT clothing, 2 x change of clothes, toiletries & towel


Water carrying device.
Water bottle or hydration system


Event Calendar

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