What is 24 hours Tough?

Commando Tough is military inspired training and events suitable for everyone from the novice to the warrior. 

This event is a step up, the first overnighter. In this event we pack as much of Commando Selection into 24hrs. We cover off on basic fitness assessments, mind numbing menial tasks, retention of information, first aid, small team tactics and team work activities. 

You won’t get through this event as an individual. This event is highly styled towards team work and leadership. You will start to really delve into who you really are, what pressures you can endure, what punishments you can sustain. Wondering the whole time if you have what it takes to be a Commando operator, a Special Forces soldier willing to put it all on the line to succeed. 


For 24 hours TOUGH

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What are the benefits?

Finish this event and you have shown incredible strength, but do you have the Resilience to match?

01. motivation

Motivation is one element of success that YOU can control. How others think, feel, act towards you, certain events and the weather are all aspects you can't control. Seize what you can control and make it work for you.

We will teach you self motivation the way an SF Operator primes himself for mission success, each and every time.


02. emotional intelligence

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. How do you react in stressful situations? Can you think clearly by stopping, assessing and reacting accordingly? We will teach you how to employ emotional intelligence to combat any situation by calming yourself, assessing the situation and transitioning fluently into taking action.

03. breathing techniques

The right breathing techniques help us normalise our breathing in potentially dangerous and/or stressful situations. This in turn will help us stabilise our brain back to a place where we can start thinking clearly. Creating the wiring in our brain to calm ourselves in a stressful situation will help us make more effective choices, be less reactive and ultimately help us to survive the situation with the best possible outcome.

04. discipline

"Doing the things you don't want to do when you don't want to do them."

Mastering self discipline is a key attribute within all Warriors. We will teach you key elements in employing and developing discipline and test it throughout the 24 Hours.

Will it make or break you?

What can you expect?

A typical day in the life of a Commando. A high level of physical conditioning is required to successfully complete this 24hr Challenge. An even higher level of mental fortitude is a must. 

Physical testing, outcome learning, team building, mission profiling & mental endurance are elements utilised in this event to find out how truly tough you are. We want you to get through this event and we will provide you with the tools to develop your mental strength and resolve. It is however, ultimately up to you whether you finish this event. 

Gear Required

The following equipment MUST be brought with you to the challenge. A kit inspection will be conducted at the beginning and punishments handed out to those who do not have all the required equipment. Don't be that person!

01.Sturdy Footwear

Runners or military style boots are acceptable, but no minimalist shoes are allowed.

02.Plain white T-shirt

The t-shirt is to be logo and writing free. Singlets are not allowed.

03.Overnight bag

Include: sleeping bag, PT clothing, 2 x change of clothes, toiletries & towel


Water carrying device.
Water bottle or hydration system


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