What is 12 hours Strong?

Commando Tough is military inspired training and events suitable for everyone from the novice to the warrior. 

The half way point in our event structure. Begins at CTHQ. 

We step it up in this event with elements of Commando testing including push ups, sit ups, pull ups, ability, running and pack marching time trials, all measured against Commando standards. This is just the beginning. We then half the candidates on the move for the rest of the day down at the beach conducting various physical exercises including equipment carriage, military manoeuvres and team cohesion tasks.

This event is designed to show you how strong you really can be. You will need it to get through these 10-12hrs. You are measured against Commando Standards to see how well you match up. Are you as strong, as fit, as fast as a Commando?

"Rhys and Scott,

I have been reflecting over the weekend.

I would like to thank all of you at Commando Tough for running such a life changing event. I feel something deep inside me that is hard to describe but it feels amazing.

At the back end of the 12 hour event I felt my ability to function mentally and reason crash. I found I kept going by doing what you taught us... Compartmentalise and focus on short term goals but had to put my body into autopilot, if that makes sense.

I especially enjoyed the team work as without the team element I don't know how I would have survived.

The activity where you taught has how to learn through failure had a profound impact on me.  Historically people around me have given me destructive criticism for failure, but my stubborn nature blocked their feedback out. You guys gave me the first positive experience. I learnt it's good to fail as it can lead us to success and that it is positive, not negative.

I am also surprised in that my passion and desire has become even more insatiable. There are so many other aspects to your event that had such a positive impact on me. I intend to sign up for your 24 hour event as I see so much opportunity for growth and improvement.

I will finish by thanking you all at Commando Tough again. I am very grateful for you giving me such a valuable opportunity for growth.

You guys are awesome and I am telling everybody I know about the great work you guys do."

Phillip Farrelly

For 12 hours STRONG

It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.

What are the benefits?

Finish this event and you have the mental and physical strength to attempt our 24hr Tough event.

01. Focus

You will build on what you have already learned in the previous CT events, Focus and Confidence.

If this is your 1st CT event, well done for committing to such a gruelling challenge. 

02. Strength

Having completed this event, you have shown impressive mental and physical strength. You have been measured against Commando Standards and now have a comparable mark.

Now the real testing begins..  

03. Overcoming Weaknesses

During this event you have identified your weaknesses. You have acknowledged your shortcoming and may have relied on others to get you across the finish line.

04. Pain

You have learned to deal with physical pain. How did you do it? Through disassociation? Through accepting it? Through acknowledging it's a process you must endure to better yourself?

Either way, well done. However, the learning doesn't stop there..   

What can you expect?

Measured against the Special Forces Entry requirements of Commando Selection, you will be required to perform various exercises to time, cadence and/or repetition. This being an individual effort.

You will then come together as a team to complete a series of tasks. Try to go solo and not be apart of the team, you will be found out. There's no "I" in team.

Work as a well oiled machine and you will learn the importance and necessity of team work. This is what the military teaches and how the military MUST operate in order the complete any mission. You are not great at everything and you will need to rely on others who are stronger in areas you are not.

Be the team player, not the lone wolf.

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Gear Required

The following equipment MUST be brought with you to the challenge. A kit inspection will be conducted at the beginning and punishments handed out to those who do not have all the required equipment. Don't be that person!

01.Sturdy Footwear

Runners or military style boots are acceptable, but no minimalist shoes are allowed.

02.Plain white T-shirt

The t-shirt is to be logo and writing free. Singlets are not allowed.


You will be issued with military style pants and you may need a belt to hold them up. Ensure the belt is plain black or brown.


Water carrying device.
Water bottle or hydration system


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