Commando Tough is military inspired training and events suitable for everyone from the novice to the warrior. 

Commando Tough events are designed around Special Forces selection and training. We are bridging the gap between military and civilian life by providing a platform to test and prove yourself in a military environment, without having to join the Armed Forces.

The Commando Selection and Training course is 5 weeks of brutal physical testing and is possibly the steepest learning curve any human can undertake. In addition to the new skills you are forced to master (apply under intense scrutiny), you are pushed to physical and mental exhaustion. To top it off, a standard sleep pattern is disallowed – for much of the course you are severely sleep deprived.

An average day in Selection training comprises of many kilometres of marching, running and stretcher carrying, all whilst laden with a standard issue pack. There can also be equipment moving, range shooting and mission rehearsal exercises. The last 4 days is without sleep and the last 3 days is without food. Our course started with over 100+ candidates with 15 finally entering the 2nd Commando Regiment after nearly 12 months of training and testing.

We are bringing all our knowledge of what it takes to be able to push yourself through the pain barrier into areas you never thought were possible. To encourage you to think strategically, we assign you difficult tasks and make you break them down into manageable components. The focus is entirely on giving you the tools necessary for success in any situation. The core aspect of the mindset training is to encourage planning, initiative and dedication, irrespective of hunger, tiredness, temperature or pressure.

These skills are directly transferable to your civilian life. When faced with a problem you will be able to break it down into manageable steps until you’ve worked out a solution.

One foot in front of the other… keep going until the task is complete. 

Commando Tough Challenges are designed to be completed with respect to your level of fitness, working your way up to higher difficulty levels as your fitness and focus develops. With each program increasing in both length and difficulty, the circle of comfort and freedom decreases.

"Thank you for all the shock and pain today. I’ve taken my ibuprofen tablets and am now lying face down with heat packs across my shoulders and lower back. :)

It was a very effective introduction to the idea of military life and I was thoroughly intimidated; as I should have been. Stephanie seemed to think you are all 'friendly sweethearts' when she spoke with me on the phone - but I'm rather glad I didn't get to see that side of either of you. It would have spoiled all the fear and adrenaline levels....which certainly got a work out!

I have to say that your story Scott about your Beep Test fitness levels and your first anxious pack run was really helpful to settling me down. I also really needed the positive visualisation at the beginning. It provided an important internal meaning for what I was there to do. Now that I’ve been able to process my emotions about today, I wanted to write to you both properly. Today was simply an assault to all my senses - far more than you could probably understand. I'm sorry I couldn't listen to the final pep talk as I had to get behind a car and immediately change into something warm. (I also needed to collapse into the foetal position to shake uncontrollably for 5 minutes.... I'm afraid cold water is my kryptonite and has always been my greatest mental and physical challenge). I am also still trying to reconcile the sharing of that disgustingly slimy gas mask and the fact that I actually wore it running in a public space! :)

I know this sounds ridiculous to you blokes - but for someone like me who has been conditioned to always maintain a reserved and lady-like decorum throughout life  - it was hard to face how efficiently all that stupid 'feminine conditioning' is thoroughly thrown out the door. I now know I could never join the army, I'm just not gritty enough - so I will continue to slog away at my dream to join the Air Force.

Even though I felt quite broken by the end, I appreciated the good fun you injected into the session.... and if anyone shouts 'fire!' in the next week, I'm sure I'll get the giggles.

It was nice to meet other people, like Zac who is so excited about joining the army. Watching him today was great for me to see if I ever get to teach young ones in the service. They are so full of hope and determined commitment. They will bust a gut to prove something to you, wont they? He was really brave to keep going on an injury. Observing the way others helped or encouraged each other, as we got out of sight of you, was really lovely too. Comraderie found through adversity is a wonderful thing.

I learned a lot about myself and found that little bit of inner courage I was hoping to find. Coping with all that unfamiliar pressure was a huge step for me and I’m chuffed with my beginners effort (even though I was consistently  the worst in the "crap team"). I am just very happy that I kept going and didn't give up completely in a bawling mess...(but knowing I couldn't run away because my stuff was in someone else's boot, was a clever way of keeping me in the game). I have a lot to learn about how depending on people, can make us stronger. You can know that simple truth intellectually, but getting the penny drop moment experientially is a different thing altogether. In today's nanny state that constantly makes everything too safe, its so worthwhile to be a part of something that makes you work super hard to find the gold within. Anyway, I feel very proud and walked away with a new mantra: "She's not bad for a 45 year old ex-chalkie!"! :)

Thank you for all the lessons.

Best regards,

Rachael Blake"

Who is it for?

It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.

The Challenge Seeker

You're the person who seeks out the toughest challenges. You've done all the obstacle course races, probably a marathon or two and loves nothing more then pushing yourself to find out what you're made of and how far you can go.

The Military Recruit

You're planning on joining the military in the near future or you've always thought about it. Would you have excelled in the Army? Could you have made it through Special Forces Selection? You're here to find out!.

The Individualist

You're physically strong and conditioned, however you're after mental fortitude. You understand how powerful the mind can be and you want to test, grow and develop your mind into your primary weapon.
You've come to the right place.

The Team Player

You've brought a team to complete our mission. You understand "the whole is greater then the sum of it's parts" and you've assembled the strongest team possible.You will need to work together, rely on each other's strengths and acknowledge the teams weaknesses. Show a little team cohesion and you just might make it through.


2 hours Focus

A taste tester of the larger CT events. This 2hrs will give the individual a greater insight into military style training and the knowledge to decide if they want to tackle the more advanced events.


6 hours Confident

A taste tester of the larger events. Gives you the knowledge to be able to decide if the longer events are for you.


12 hours strong

Designed to show you how strong you really can be. You will need it to get through these 10-12hrs. You are measured against Commando Standards to see how well you match up.


24 hours Tough

You won’t get through this event as an individual. This event is highly styled towards team work and leadership. You will start to really delve into who you really are, what pressures you can put up with, what punishments you can sustain.


48 hours Resilient

You won’t get through this event as an individual. This event is highly styled towards team work and leadership. You will start to really delve into who you really are, what pressures you can put up with, what punishments you can sustain.


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