About CT Classes

Do you want a guarantee that your fitness goals will be realised?

Do you want to be trained by Special Forces soldiers who have an extensive knowledge in fitness and mental conditioning? Results matter!

We currently offer 25+ classes per week. They include Circuit (FASTER), High Intensity body weight classes (SHREDDED), Strength & Conditioning (HERO), Combat (boxing/kickboxing), Weights and Yoga classes. All these classes make up our targeted programs of Shredded, Faster, Smarter and Hero. Depending on which program you are training, we will place you into the appropriate classes coinciding with your program and your desired outcomes and goals. All our classes are small group, ensuring optimum instructor to client ratio thereby maximising learning outcomes and limiting potential for injury. 

Results are what we want and results are what YOU get!

"I love the style of training CT provides. It's challenging both mentally and physically, but done in a fun environment. The trainers/coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and are always ready to chat and help you find a way to reach your goals. CT has helped change my way of thinking and training, not just becoming physically fitter, but also mentally stronger which has helped me achieve my goals. I look forward to continuing my training at this great, friendly gym where they make you feel valued."

-Nicole Smith


It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.



Shredded class is a high intensity, body weight workout with loud music, crazy energy and huge amounts of sweat. Get ripped, feel pumped and increase your cardio fitness with this upbeat and fun CT workout. Suitable for beginners to advanced members.

Hero WOD

02. Hero WOD

A crossfit style, circuit workout in honour of fallen comrades. These are hard and intense workouts so be prepared to give an all out effort to pay tribute to the sacrifice these Warriors made. Suitable for medium level to advanced athletes.

The Zone


Faster is our circuit style training. This session can in corporate any strength or body weight exercise utilising all our zones. We have an outdoor zone, a bodyweight zone, a barbell zone, a functional zone, a combat zone, a cardio zone, the fighting mats  and a weights zone.


04. Combat

Grant "Bomber" Barker a 2-time World Champion Kickboxer and old school strength & conditioning trainer will have you working hard in this session.

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