Commando Tough's trainers are all very experienced and have been in the military and/or fitness industry for many years.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, we will get the most out of you in a safe, but challenging environment. Our team has an extensive and varied past. From the military background of Special Forces, Infantry, Cavalry and Engineers through to World Champion Kickboxing titles, Professional Rugby League and horse racing. Our teams eclectic past comes together to provide the very best in fitness and mental training.

SCOTT EVENNETT / CEO & Founder , Commando Tough

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It is structured to develop a strong physique while strengthening the mind and spirit to an elite level. Being Commando Tough is a way of life and a state of mind. It is about learning self-mastery.


To have a laser focused mind with clearly defined vision and mission. To be clear on exactly what you want as your outcome goal and breaking that goal down into manageable and achievable process goals  

02. Strength

To have a mentally, physically and emotionally strong mind. Training the body is easy, it's conditioning the mind that's the hard part. When your fitness fails, it's the strength of your mind that will carry you on to success. 

03. Toughness

Fitness will come and go. You won't always be at peak physically condition for a variety of reasons, however you can always be mentally tough. Toughness will see you through more situations then fitness! 

04. Resilience

Develop a resilient mindset and you have developed the ability and resolve to finish any task, complete any mission and succeed in anything you set your mind to.


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